Process Tech 3



Posted on Monday, July 1, 2024


Diphenyl Carbonate (DPC-500 tons/annum) Demo unit at Shell Jurong Island in Singapore was constructed and run for few years now under mothballing has re-started.

DPC is an intermediate used in the production of polycarbonate, and the Shell process offers firm improvements over competing processes.

Poly Carbonate development unit, unique downscaled unit, it will run on DPC produced from concurrent operation of our existing DPC demo unit and operate the combined DPC/PC Development Unit for 4-5 years

The DPC-technology fits well with the strategy of the Chemicals COB in that it positions Shell as a technology leader, and it fits with the current Shell portfolio (the phenol and EO/EG businesses).

Principal Accountabilities

The PC dev technician is a member of the Shift Team assisting the Production Team Leader in managing a team of 4 Shift Technicians. He/she is responsible for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of one of DPC and PC Demo plants in Shell Jurong Island within the shift period.

Specific responsibilities and activities include: -

Operating process units within the Production Unit in accordance with the Production Plan and Daily Operating Procedures, Standing Instructions, and site HSSE procedures.

• Operating the plant within the Design-Operating-Window and the Integrity-Operating-Window.

• Perform structured rounds (DCS Panel/Field) and take corrective action to maintain equipment and plant operations within safe operating windows.

•Managing plant and equipment upsets, abnormal conditions and subsequent troubleshooting including incidents/plant emergencies and subsequent follow-up.

•Prepare equipment for maintenance and perform unit start-up, shutdown and plant turnaround activities.

•Update operating procedures and prepare job pack documentation for equipment repair.

•Keeping log records of operational activities for optimal and thorough handover to other shifts.

•Perform the role of Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) which includes conduct gas testing, zero energy check, issuance of permits for safe execution of maintenance tasks and turnaround activities

•Perform sampling work and basic laboratory tests

Perform the role of Auxiliary Fire Fighter or First Aider in the event of emergency situations as per SJI policy.

• Able to operate DCS independently

• Must be willing to perform over-time duties when required by the company

• An effective team player with good communication skills and follows punctuality

• Participate in the Procedure preparation and Review Team to improve and update

critical operating procedures of the Department.

• Executing the ESP working principles ensuring quality in Shift Team’s performance in SHO, SOSO, SSS, Alarm Management, Intelatrac rounds, Operator Proactive Monitoring, etc.

• Conduct proactive monitoring of the PC dev plant machinery.

• Assist in troubleshooting of process related issues and support higher level investigations where required.

• Provide stand–in for Production Team leader when necessary.

• Any other works instructed by the PTL.

Special Challenges

Drive Operational, cultural and behavioural change to ensure the success of PC dev unit objective.

This integrated downscaled DPC/PC unit is first of its kind, hence it is s challenge to full fill the mission.

Qualifications Required

Essential qualifications for any new incumbent.

Educational Qualifications:

1.Nitec / Higher Nitec in Chemical Process Technology or related or Diploma, in Chemical Engineering / Chemical & Green Technology / Clean Energy

3. 3 or more years of relevant experience in chemical processing or oil refining / utilities e.g. steam boilers and Cogeneration for Process Units.

Experience in DPC/PC operation is an advantage.

Professional Experiences:

- Possess high level of motivation, enthusiasm, drive and creativity.

- Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential.

- Demonstrate strong Enterprise first mindset and a good team worker

- Have a sound understanding of unit operation, safety and unit optimization.

Competences Required

Describe what knowledge, skills & abilities would be required in any new incumbent, stating how these might typically have been acquired (e.g. experience, training, special abilities)

Thorough knowledge of plant operation Skill

Problem solving and decision-making Skill

HSSE Skill

Leadership Skills Skill

Project & S/U, S/D Planning Skill

Instrument, Process Control & Engineering Skill

Change Management Skill

Teamwork Skill